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Gluta Kojic Soap 65g box new

Gluta Kojic Soap 65g box

Gluta Kojic Soap

SRP ₱ 32.00

Anti-Bac Soap 65g new

Anti-Bac Soap 65g

Anti-Bac Soap

SRP ₱ 15.80

Bodywash 200ml new

Bodywash 200ml


SRP ₱ 88.00

Orange Papaya Soap 135g box new

Orange Papaya Soap 135g box

Orange Papaya Soap

SRP ₱ 36.00

Silka Soap Papaya 65g new

Silka Soap Papaya 65g

Silka papaya soap is 1 of best-selling soap in Philippines. I myself am a big user of this soap. This soap is enriched with papaya enzyme. Silka Papaya removes dead skin cells. It also contains vitamin E to make the skin soft and smooth. It has a pleasant fruity smell. It has a lingering smell of sweet papaya.

SRP ₱ 15.80

Anti-Bac Soap 135g new

Anti-Bac Soap 135g

Anti-Bac Soap

SRP ₱ 26.00