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Harry Potter Playing Cards new

Harry Potter Playing Cards

Time to bring out those magic tricks up your sleeve with the Harry Potter playing cards! Whether you're from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin you'll definitely fit in. These card games come in two designs blue and black.

SRP ₱ 119.00

Sembrandt Soundbar new

Sembrandt Soundbar

*32 inch soundbar *bluetooth/AVX connectivity

SRP ₱ 3,887.00

Neck Pillow with Hood (Violet) - New new

Neck Pillow with Hood (Violet) - New

Travel in comfort and style with this travel neck pillow Pillow type: Travel pillow with Hood Soft and comfortable High quality Fashionable design Size: 9 x 32 x 26

SRP ₱ 203.00

SKUBB Box Set of 3 (Cyan) new

SKUBB Box Set of 3 (Cyan)

Boxes will fit perfectly to any3.25 ft wide wardrobe frame. Great for organizing and storing clothes, and other valuable items. Box is strengthened by high-grade reinforced polypropylene for durability. Can be 1. Materials: Fabric: 100 % polyester Insert: Reinforced polypropylene 2. Care Instructions: Washing, tumble drying, and bleaching is highly not recommended as it may damage or defor

SRP ₱ 1,033.85

GSLT003 Refillable Gas Lighter (Yellow) new

GSLT003 Refillable Gas Lighter (Yellow)

Ideal for BBQs, Stoves and restaurants High Quality BBQ Gas Lighter Refillable Could Be Locked For Child Safety Colours and Designs May Vary

SRP ₱ 103.50

NOT Floor Up-lighter Lamp new

NOT Floor Up-lighter Lamp

A great two in one lamp that can be both a lamp to light up the room or as a reading lamp. With individual switches so you can have them switched on and off separately. The reading lamp's neck is adjustable so you can point it anywhere you wish. 1. Materials: Base cover: ABS plastic Holder/ Tube: Steel, Powder coating Shade/ Shade 2: Polypropylene 2. Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a cloth or use a duster to shake of the dusts. 3. Product Dimensions: Height: 175 cm Base diameter: 27 cm Shade diameter: 28 cm Cord length: 1 m 0 cm

SRP ₱ 2,068.85

7 Day Pill Organizer new

7 Day Pill Organizer

Pill organizers are useful for all types of patients, including the elderly and those who have memory deficineciesand those taking multiple medications. An aid in remembering to take proper doses of their medications thereby complying with their doctor's recommended dose. They allow a patient to know whether or not they have taken a particular dose of their medication; if a pill still remains in its compartment, it is apparent that it has not yet been taken, whereas if it is missing, it has already been taken. Pill Organizersprevent or reduce medication errors on the part of the patient, though evidence of effectiveness is not strong, and they have been linked to medication errors.

SRP ₱ 148.35