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UFC Banana Catsup Pack 100g new

UFC Banana Catsup Pack 100g

Delighting Filipino families throughout the years, UFC Banana Catsup is a unique blend of fresh spices and select bananas which provides the Tamis Anghang flavor. UFC Banana Catsup is the number one catsup in the Philippines. It is versatile, complementary to a wide selection of dishes whether for dipping, cooking or marinating.

SRP ₱ 7.50

Datu Puti Soysauce Sakto 60ml (12 pcs.) new

Datu Puti Soysauce Sakto 60ml (12 pcs.)

Datu Puti Soy Sauce is made from premium soybeans, promising strong tastiness or linamnam that permeates through your dishes giving that nuot-sarap taste in every bite!

SRP ₱ 37.20

Select Soy Sauce 1L new

Select Soy Sauce 1L

SELECT Soy Sauce 200ml (Toyo) Wellmade Brand: SELECT Soy Sauce200ml(Toyo) with a unique and much better taste ALL-PURPOSE. Can be used in cooking, food dressings, marinades, etc.

SRP ₱ 47.00